Emma Twyford Makes Fifth Ascent of E8 in U.K.

Emma Twyford Makes Fifth Ascent of E8 in U.K.

Emma Twyford Makes Fifth Ascent of E8 in U.K.

Emma Twyford has climbed Nightmayer E8 6c for the committing route’s fifth ascent.

The technical climb is located on Dinas Cromlech at Llanberis Pass and has a number of insane run-outs with questionable gear.

Nico Favresse took a big fall of the climb a few years ago and the video went viral in the climbing world. Nick Bullock recorded the video below.

Twyford told UKclimbing.com here, ” I made it through the first run-out to a bomber piece of kit and I relaxed; I knew the top was hard but relatively safe with some big air-time potential if I did fall…

“I love that the route has two halves to it; bold and technical then hard and safe. I’m glad to put this obsession to bed, but I’ll remember it for years to come.”

The first ascent was back in 1992 by the strong Steve Mayer.


That dream line! One that has eluded me with the weather and work over the last couple of years. I’d first seen and heard about Nightmayer (E8 6c) watching the video of @nicofavresse taking some air miles off the head wall whilst nick bullock looked on. Maybe this is what put people off for so many years. I first seriously thought about this route when Alex mason was looking at it and achieved an impressive 3rd ascent followed the next year by @angus.kille with an equally impressive ascent. The Cromlech has an intimidating yet impressive aura with some of the best trad climbing around. This was my last king line on the cromlech that I was mega psyched to try. On the day it still had its spicy moments. Myself and @jamestayloroutdoor rocked up to find a random wet streak on house of god into and out of the porthole. Needless to say this was terrifying on lead as the bottom is bold with small kit. It took a lot of mental effort to change my mental set up for the top hard section but I was ready to fight to the top. Perfect climbing with just the right amount of good kit to run it out and take some good air miles if you fluff it! Still in awe of @Steve.mayers first ascent of this line back in 1992! Really puts things in perspective, great effort Steve! Thanks to @jamestayloroutdoor for the belay, your next buddy! And @j.bunney for the  @dmm_wales @scarpa_uk @frictionlabs @patagonia_climb @patagoniaeurope @climbskinspain @v12_outdoor @northdartmoorsearchrescueteam @pongoose.climbing

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