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How to escape, where to go, and why a sailboat makes sense in a global pandemic.

Sail Escape is a consulting and skipper service that helps aspiring people throughout the world plan, prepare and achieve their goals through a personalized set of consulting services based on Todd Forney 25 years of offshore sailing.

The most important service you get from Sail Escape are the ongoing conversations to help you explore, prepare and plan a relocation point and escape strategy that works for you.

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Breaking 5G network now testing in wuhan

5G could cause “flu-like symptoms.” Try sharing the link on Facebook and you will receive the same notice. Why?

be prepared 

We haven’t seen an outbreak like this in any of our lifetimes, and it is really starting to frighten a whole lot of people. This virus has an incubation period of up to 14 days, it spreads very easily from person to person, and it also appears to be mutating very rapidly. For now, the vast majority of the confirmed cases are still in China, but the virus continues to pop up in more locations around the globe. 

As this outbreak intensifies, the amount of bizarre behavior that we are going to witness is only going to increase.

The efforts underway to contain the disease in China and elsewhere could prove effective in the weeks ahead, and they should be fully supported. Yet there is a clear possibility that nCoV may not be contained in time to prevent a large global outbreak. Everone should start preparing for that prospect now.

We help you prepare a sailboat escape strategy to a relocation point where the virus won’t go.

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“We are living the consequences of being underprepared for the next big global epidemic. Invest in outbreak preparedness. Act now”!

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